Owning Your Story: Embracing Vulnerability in Recovery

Before I made the decision to start this blog, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not I wanted to commit to it. I love helping others, and I really wanted to use my own experiences to provide hope and encouragement for other people working toward recovery. But as much as I … Continue reading Owning Your Story: Embracing Vulnerability in Recovery

Redefining “Healthy” in Eating Disorder Recovery

When asked to imagine a healthy person, what do you picture? For a lot of you, images of toned bodies holding kettlebells, eating salads, or drinking protein shakes probably pop into your mind. This is the image of health that most of us have been sold our entire lives. We picture a “healthy person” as … Continue reading Redefining “Healthy” in Eating Disorder Recovery

Am I Too Fat to Wear That? Ditching the Clothing Rules in Recovery

You see a lot of posts on recovery blogs/accounts related to conquering "fear foods." Re-introducing fear foods is undoubtedly an important part of recovery, but what about "fear clothes?" Where does this fit into recovery? We are surrounded by messages in the media telling us that we have to be a certain size to wear … Continue reading Am I Too Fat to Wear That? Ditching the Clothing Rules in Recovery

Setting Boundaries

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you avoid confrontation in order to avoid conflict? If so, you may struggle with setting boundaries. And you are not alone. For some people, learning to set boundaries can be one of the hardest parts of eating disorder recovery. It can also … Continue reading Setting Boundaries

Eating Disorder Recovery

"Eating disorders are not a choice, but recovery is."  If you follow any blogs related to ED recovery, you've probably come across some version of this quote before. But what does it really mean? Is "choosing recovery" really that simple or easy? As anyone struggling with disordered eating knows, it's not. Making the decision to … Continue reading Eating Disorder Recovery

The Self-care Struggle in Recovery

Learning to slow down and engage in regular self-care can be a difficult part of eating disorder recovery.  It's easy for those of us with perfectionistic mindsets to become hyper-focused on always being productive and accomplishing our goals. Our whole self-worth can become based on how efficient we are at meeting deadlines and crossing items … Continue reading The Self-care Struggle in Recovery