What My ED Recovery Really Looks Like

I realized when looking through my last few posts that this blog was starting to sound a little preachy... like some kind of "How To" manual for Eating Disorder recovery.  Which was definitely not the intention of this blog!  Though I am a therapist, I am also a human (and a hot mess one a … Continue reading What My ED Recovery Really Looks Like

Setting Boundaries

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you avoid confrontation in order to avoid conflict? If so, you may struggle with setting boundaries. And you are not alone. For some people, learning to set boundaries can be one of the hardest parts of eating disorder recovery. It can also … Continue reading Setting Boundaries

The Self-care Struggle in Recovery

Learning to slow down and engage in regular self-care can be a difficult part of eating disorder recovery.  It's easy for those of us with perfectionistic mindsets to become hyper-focused on always being productive and accomplishing our goals. Our whole self-worth can become based on how efficient we are at meeting deadlines and crossing items … Continue reading The Self-care Struggle in Recovery