Recovery Coaching

photo-1521453159160-6b5c58c24591Recovery coaching can be a great addition to your ED treatment, or a great first step in forming a treatment team.  A recovery coach is there to provide additional support to you throughout your recovery process.

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by diet messages and fat-phobia, and this can make the already difficult process of recovery even more challenging. Having the added support of a recovery coach may be beneficial in helping you better manage triggers and stressors as they arise throughout your recovery.  As a recovery coach, I use skills from my professional counseling background as well as my personal experiences with recovery to help make your recovery process feel as smooth and supported as possible.  Recovery is hard, but having support helps.

Recovery coaching might be beneficial for you if….

  • You are feeling like your meetings with your therapist just aren’t quite enough
  • You are struggling with managing ED triggers that come up in your day-to-day life
  • You are working with a therapist who doesn’t specialize in EDs or doesn’t seem to “get it.”
  • You are still in the earlier, contemplative stages of recovery and are unsure if recovery is right for you
  • You are struggling to find motivation to keep going, or are feeling “stuck” in your recovery
  • You are further along in your recovery process and would like extra support to help you stay in recovery
  • You are tired of chronic dieting and obsessing over your body, but aren’t sure where to begin

Recovery Coaching could be beneficial at any stage in the recovery process. No matter where if you are in this journey, if you feel like you are in need of extra support- coaching may be the answer.

What does Recovery Coaching include? My coaching is individualized to meet your specific needs, but includes

  • Weekly face-to-face virtual meetings with your coach
  • Meal support or grocery shopping support
  • Body image work
  • Affirmations, Encouragement, and Daily support
  • Private chat support between sessions through a HIPAA-protected software
  • Help with challenging disordered thoughts and navigating recovery in a diet-focused world

Send me an email— lets talk and see if recovery coaching is something that’s right for you!

**Recovery coaching is ideal for individuals who are already working with a therapist and/or treatment team. In most cases, I require that my clients are also seeing a licensed therapist while we are working together, as coaching is meant to be supplemental support and is not intended to be a substitute for clinical treatment. If you are not already set up with a therapist, I am happy to help you get set up with someone in your area who will be a good fit.