Books + Resources

Recovery-focused books can be huge help in your journey toward healing from disordered eating/ED. Below are some of the books that I have found particularly helpful in my own recovery.

*If you are working with a treatment team, please check with your therapist and/or coach regarding book recommendations, as portions of some of the books listed below may be triggering and may be most beneficial when read with the support of a professional*


Below are some other book recommendations that you may also enjoy (not directly related to EDs). Some of these have been helpful for me in recovery… others are just old favorites 🙂


Podcasts are another great resource! Some of the podcasts listed below are focused on nutrition from an intuitive eating/anti-diet approach, and some are focused more on overall wellness! I have linked to the podcast homepage below, but all of these can be found to download on your phone through iTunes.

**** Be sure to check back, as I will periodically be adding to this list as I discover new helpful resources!