About Me


Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Beth. I am a 30 year old mental health therapist, yogi, wife, and dog mom. This blog is a place where I will be sharing some things I’ve learned through my work as a therapist, as well as through my own journey toward personal growth and self-discovery.  Many of my posts will be related to eating disorder recovery, holistic health, body image, and self-care, as I am currently in recovery from an eating disorder. I will also be writing about other topics related to mental health, empowerment, and overall wellness.  I also may share some other fun stuff along the way, as I happen to live in Charleston, SC, one of the most amazing cities in the world 🙂

I hope that some of what I share in this blog will be helpful and empowering to those of you on your own journey toward personal growth and overall well-being. Thank you for stopping by!

*I would like to note that anything you read on this blog is solely based on my opinion and/or personal experiences and is not to be taken as professional advice.  If you are struggling with an eating disorder or other serious mental health issue, it is important that you seek out help from a professional who can work to meet your own individual, unique needs.